How to choose living materials for overseas prefab building?


Published by BR PREFAB April 13,2020

The living materials for prefab building can be used directly in order to meet people daily lifesuch as food, clothing,  bedding, flour, beds, cabinets, and kitchenware, Electrical appliances, etc. These materials can be used directly in our daily life without further processing or simple installation after they arrive at the site.
Following points are needed to pay attention to when choosing

1. The packaging should be suitable for long-distance  shipping, so it is rain-proof, sun-proof, and squeeze-proof
2. The products life time should meet the requirements of transportation time, use time and uncontrollable factors
3. The quality should be stable, especially electrical materials, because overseas maintenance is difficult
4. It should be suitable for use on overseas sites and meet local environmental, technical, legal and other requirements

Due to the lack of experience in the selection of such materials, some overseas prefabricated house project  got great troubles because of unreasonable materials
Case 1,  South American project, The living materials were shipped to the destination by sea, With the lack of experience of purchasing living materials. After the goods arrived at the construction site, it was found that all materials such as rice and area were damp and moldy, The reason for the moldy goods is that the container is hot and humid, and the goods are not vacuum packed.
Case 2,  Sudan Project. A company purchased a batch of electrical appliances from China, including air conditioners, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. Due to local hot temperature, The air container can not be used.  these air conditioners are only suitable for use in temperate climate regions It is not applicable in tropical areas like Sudan,
Case3, Ghana Project. A company purchased a batch of satellite antennas from the country, which can not be used after on-site installation. The antenna can only cooperate with several countries and regions overseas, excluding Ghana, and finally The suitable satellite antennas must be purchased locally.

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