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Camp building for highway project in Africa


Published by BR PREFAB April 06,2020

The camp building project located in Africa. The total area of the camp of Tiebu expressway project is about 45600 ㎡. The main building area functions include  work and office , accommodation , catering area, entertainment area, equipment maintenance house ,  warehouse etc.

Both sides of the hardened road are planted with green plants . Grass seeds are sown in a reasonable area, Which crated the space with green  residential environment and prevent water and soil from erosion.

Fire extinguishers are set in office buildings, staff accommodation areas, kitchens, restaurants, laboratories, warehouses and other places. Fire sand tanks was set up in important areas such as warehouses, oil depots, laboratories, etc. No fireworks and warning signs also are posted.

The  garbage in the camp are classified and treated.

The enclosed enclosure wall of the camp is 3 meter high, painted with blue and white paint, and the road and Bridge logo is hung on the column, which is beautiful and harmonious as a whole. The gate adopts one side eight meter iron gate, which is safe and solid.


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